Global e-commerce impact

Hundreds of millions of emails sent out for Xbox, Office, and Microsoft as I elevated product descriptions into benefits then, at my best, aspirations.

Client feedback:
“Overall, fantastic job. This was the first time, after years of doing these, that I really felt like I was reading a mail written for me (as a gamer). I chuckled and smiled all the way through. It was a real treat. I connected with the tone, got the jokes, and had a blast reading it.”— Xbox Games with Gold client

“Please extend my compliments to the Copy Writing team for the alternates in the April Week 3 Rd 1 Comps. They are all very good. Hopefully, the stakeholders will not have a hard of a time approving one over the other.”—Xbox weekly client

Hexadecimal code subject line to promote a game that had to do with secret codes that had our highest open rate ever




Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 12.53.15 PM







Take me to Matei’s contact info so I can make him buy me a drink for getting all the way down here.

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