Yes it’s a Transpotting reference, this is my profile and I’ll include obscure movie references if I want to. Throughout my career, I used to pitch idea after idea getting rejection after rejection. Seriously, there was a lot of rejection. “We just make emails. We just write social posts for Microsoft’s partnerships. This isn’t in our remit. That’s such an awesome idea, wish we could do that.”

Then, one day, the ideas started getting approved.

Microsoft admits there are Aliens

Before the corporate Twitter accounts jumped on the alien bandwagon, I saw Area 51 as a trend. I pitched my team over the weekend then we pitched our Microsoft clients Monday who sent it to their Xbox contacts who went live with it that afternoon. The vast majority of rest of the industry began making posts about it Tuesday. This resulted in Xbox’s most popular organic Instagram and Twitter posts at the time.

Beating McDonalds to the moon

While I was watching Mars landing earlier this year, I noticed something. Our client’s muffin in space. We pitched the idea to our client and launched an hour before McDonalds made the same joke. The only difference being our account had 47k followers and McDonalds had over 5 million. It was one big step for our breakfast food.

I make fifth graders cry

When a bright young student messages Microsoft’s corporate account in a desperate attempt to interview her idol … you make it happen. I identified this content opportunity and worked with our clients to connect the student to her idol via Microsoft Teams, one of our client’s core products. It went on to gain @MicrosoftInCulture, one of the Microsoft accounts we managed, its most single day follower increase, its best performing organic post ever, and a reshare by the first female NFL coaches’ Instagram account and Microsoft’s CEO. But most importantly we helped this young student inspire us all.

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