Freelance client impact

Hi possible future client, I’m currently taking on projects outside of regular business hours where I only get paid if you make money.  This structure lets me charge you more than my competitors, but only if I make you more money than they do as well. Scroll down for results from 2 of my 3 freelance projects I’ve done so far.

To talk details please email me at

Result 1:
x79.36 ROI for Facebook commerce ads with 3 snackable videos written for products with 0 brand recognition, beating out 2 “cheaper” copywriters the client wanted to test my copy against.



Result 2:
Increased an email program’s Open Rate (OR) and Click Through Rate (CTR) from  7.7%  OR to 9% and 1.2% ER to 1.75% over about 30 emails written.



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