Google Global Pixel 5 launch

This launch concept I created for Google’s newest phone, the Pixel 5, was selected to move on into production exploration with AAA movie publishers, beating out 8 other ad agencies’ concepts.

Lionsgate RFP

Lionsgate was looking for ways advertise their upcoming blockbuster The Hitman’s Bodyguards Wife. We presented the work. The client loved it. Then a week later, I kid you not, the pandemic happened. So although we didn’t win this RFP, it’s equally correct to say that we didn’t lose it.

Not one-offs

One of my advertising philosophies is that a concept should be just as big as it should be. Just because these ideas fit on a single slide doesn’t mean they’re not “big.”

I come up with “expected” ideas

Sometimes the client’s problem doesn’t need some big ethos campaign or a ~disruptive~ idea. Instead, there are times when a problem just needs a solution. I pitched the following idea for Google’s 2021 Black History Month moment realizing it was a way to tap our entire influencer community. The idea went on into production and saw some of our best results ever as our community cross promoted Black Owned businesses and the final kit even ended up being sent to Beyonce and Oprah.

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