Let’s talk business. Last year I helped bring my agency $1.817 million dollars in new revenue through three separate conceptually-driven RFP pitches for Snapchat, Google Retail, and Android. I also secured us incremental scope through a proactive idea pitched during the pandemic having to do with a giant muffin and an empty soccer stadium.

Won – Snapchat RFP

Snapchat was looking to staff a creative team for the launch of a new product line. My Senior AD partner and I showed them what our creative team could do.

Won – Google Retail Associate program

Some briefs aren’t “exciting.” Those ones don’t … un-excite me. Google wanted to tap innovative social formats to inspire their 3000+ tech-obsessed retail associates across the country.

Won – Android RFP

Android came to our team with cool features they wanted gen z to know about, and they needed equally cool ways to get gen z excited about them. I creative directed the initial pitch helping jr. team members perfect their ideas while also contributing my own ideas the client coined as “genius.” Granted, they are a nice client, but I’ll still take it.

Proactive big idea – World’s Biggest Muffin – Incremental scope secured

During the height of the pandemic I had the idea to offer sport fans an in-person experience by using cardboard cutouts (this was before any other brand had done so) — and becoming part of the world’s biggest english muffin.

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