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(Mock) Social Media Campaign for Lakota Coffee:

#TheLakotaAroma is about how going to Lakota is more than just about a caffeinated drink.

(Mock) Social Media Campaign for Kampai Sushi:

#RollWithIt and go with the flow.

Copywriter for an Ad with the highest CTR in my class for a paid ad campaign for VA Loans.



Creativity. Succinctness. Strategy. These are skills that are transferable to every single communication style in the book… er…in whatever medium you are communicating in.

Integrated advertising campaign. Earned 2nd place out of 45 groups judged by industry professionals.

Our mock campaign for Nike was based on discovering a new way to push athletes other than the traditional “sweat until you feel like dying” “Just Do It” method. Same commitment to pushing athletes, new way of doing it. How’d we do it? We…


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pedometertrail thoughts

Individual Print Ads (Click Through):

I created several print ads on my own, from conception to creation. If you have any questions on my thinking behind them, feel free to contact me.


Idea for Wieden+Kennedy

Hey Wieden+Kennedy people,

Here’s something to talk about around the complimentary snack bins.

My name’s Matei and I’m definitely not an Art Director. Ya’ll are obviously legendary, so already I wanted to already thank you for your time. Getting someone to swipe up is a copywriter’s dream. If only I can extend this to my Bumble game now.

I have a big idea for the Nike/Converse account to consider. Not to sell this too much, but from my perspective it would be a commercial that marks the shift of an era in our world.

Two Instagram creatives, @deanna_leggett and @blottermedia are both already in if you are. Blotter has created one of the most distinct signature visual styles on Instagram (this video on how to COPY him on YouTube has over 500,000 views) and Deanna is just a dope dancer, (plain and simple because views don’t demarcate art.) But the idea can work with your existing partnerships as well.

I’d love to 1. Tell you the big idea 2. If you don’t like the idea, connect you to both of the influencers anyway because they were kind enough to respond to me emailing them out of the blue about possibly making some really cool ads. 

Can a CD on either account email me for more info if you’re interested?

P.S. This is not a job application stunt, unless you have a secret ad agency in Missouri I can work at

Copywriting support for when you need it. Not when you don’t.

Hi all you copywriting talent mavens out there. While everyone else is busy disrupting the industry, we’re going to make it more efficient instead. I provide remote copywriting to powerhouse agencies on busy weeks as an alternative to bringing a new freelancer in-office.

On weeks like those, agencies have a choice: A) Make full-time copywriters work 65-hour weeks or B) bring in a freelancer. The first option should only be considered if you have a contingency plan in place for pencil-pitchfork occupations of the coffee machine area.

But your other option, hiring a freelancer, comes with its own perils.

If it’s last second, you most likely work through a staffing agency which costs agency and freelancer alike.

If you bring a freelancer in-office, they’re often looking for 40-hour workweeks; you only need a quarter of what their expecting. This mismatch rears its ROI-devouring head with bloated admin & onboarding costs and a general sense of disappointment on both sides. Let’s leave the disappointment for my parents.

Here’s where I come in.

I don’t rely on 40 hours of work from any one agency, so I don’t burn time. In 2 months of remote work for 1000heads, New York—I’ve only had .5 hours of admin and onboarding costs. I write for all kinds of audiences, brands, and projects, from commercial to consumer; iconic to iconic-in-the-eyes-of-their owners; quick-turn to blown-out campaigns.

“Wow this copywriter is showing so much initiative right now” is what you’re thinking right now if I’m lucky. That same initiative brands my work and is why my copy goes out of its way to hit you and your clients’ each and every mark. Including:

  1. World-class digital, social, and e-commerce deliverables tempered by iconic brand experience
  2. Extremely low onboarding & admin costs
  3. A fresh outside perspective and outlook on any project
  4. Exactly the amount of copywriting you need—no more, no less

No other option comes even remotely close. (I had to.)

If you’d like an efficient option on-deck for short-term surges in copywriting workloads, – – email me at
– add me on LinkedIn
– or check out my portfolio of world-class digital work


Rate: $45 an hour for mid-level copywriting

Can’t wait to connect,
Matei Stefanescu

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The reviews are in:

“Overall, fantastic job. This was the first time, after years of doing these, that I really felt like I was reading a mail written for me (as a gamer). I chuckled and smiled all the way through. It was a real treat. I connected with the tone, got the jokes, and had a blast reading it.”Xbox client

J I love your team they help fill the many, many gaps we leave behind us – like explosions that we walk away from without looking back lol.” —our Xbox client’s client

“Matei approaches each brief with commitment, poise, and a singular dedication to delivering groundbreaking creative.” — Senior Copywriter & mentor at Wunderman Seattle

Internally our team loved your writing. We all think you are very creative and your writing has personality.” — Freelance client

“I can’t believe how adept you are at coming up with a party step-by-step from scratch. Seriously. Kudos.” — CD on a freelancer project

“TBD” — you

Radical copy for Novus International

Social Media Coordinator Intern, Summer 2015 & Winter 2016

I helped tell the story of a highly-technical and truly global brand on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, employee monitors and even building signage. A highlight of my time at Novus was that my hashtag was utilized in branding their global 25th anniversary, the 25th global anniversary of a billion-dollar company.

Social Media Posts (Click to Cycle Through)

Branding a Global 25th Anniversary for a Billion-Dollar Company

I created brand hashtags that represented the Novus brand like #FeedingTomorrow and #FeedTheFuture. My hashtag inspired Novus’s 25th anniversary theme.


Tone of Voice Guide

Novus International was…international. There was a need to create a unified voice on their social media accounts so I created a Digital Tone of Voice Style Guide that helped shape, streamline and evolve the social media posting process for people on our team, different world areas and future content contractors.

Blog Posts

I created blog posts about several topics. Some of my goals in the blog posts were creating posts that:

Employee Monitors

I made employee communications from coordinating an Intern class hash tag to employee monitor displays.

Building Signage

Novus was having trouble getting people throw away their compost materials into the correct bin, and was getting charged by the compost company. Not anymore because of an initiative I took to rewrite the building’s signage.

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Office Newsletter headlines that contributed to +151% uplift in Skype usage for Microsoft

Radical results:

The Wunderman Office newsletter series created the following engagement growth for Microsoft Office Suite:

  • +30% uplift in Office 365 Monthly Active Users (pre-Wunderman versions of the lifecycle emails only drove +11%)
  • +43% uplift in mobile installs of Office 365 (old emails only drove +4%)
  • +45% uplift in sharing documents with others using Office 365 (old emails only drove +3%)
  • +151% uplift in using Skype minutes with Office 365 (old emails only drove +2%


Click below for full PDFs

1 Golden Rule of Weight Loss, 10 Commandments

What’s the secret to losing weight? The keto diet? The paleo? Intermittent fasting? The eat-more-fish-like-our-ancestors-did diet? The secret won’t be found on the front cover of a fitness magazine. If their readers actually started losing weight they’d lose out on selling weight loss pills and other weight loss supplements.

The golden rule, the rule that will make you lose weight is this: Eat fewer calories than your body needs and you will lose weight.

This is the single basic governing principle of all effective weight-loss systems, but it seems like a secret at times.

If you eat less food than your body needs you will lose weight – it’s a fact. You could eat a diet of only Doritos and Pepsi and as long as you are taking in fewer calories than your body needs you’d still lose weight. A professor at Kansas State University proved almost this when he went on similar diet (plus vitamins and protein so he avoided a lot of possible issues) and lost 27 pounds in ten weeks. Depending on how long you did this Doritos and Pepsi diet, your organs might start failing, your muscle might metabolize and you may have to sleep fourteen hours of the day because of a lack of energy  but you’d lose weight.

Have I made my point yet? The reasons to eat “healthy” while dieting (e.g. intaking enough protein, fat, vitamins, fiber, water, sleep and minerals) are that you will retain more muscle, feel better while dieting and increase your chance of successfully eating fewer calories than you need because you will feel more full if you are eating whole-grains and protein.

So that’s the golden rule of losing weight if we want to give it a fancy title. Now you want to know the Ten Commandments…if you want to keep your muscles from metabolizing and all that.

  1. Find your daily maintenance caloric needs – Find out how many calories a person like you spends in a day. it honest, no body will keep you honest except yourself.
  2. Eat 85% your daily maintenance needs on average. Don’t worry, this should be enough if you count your calories with a free calorie counting app (I use my Fitness Pal) Try and count honestly. Alot of foods will surprise you. Like a boneless wing from B-Dubs is 100 calories. If you go over one day by 200 calories and the next day you go under by 200 you will be fine. At the end of the week check your daily average and ensure it is lower than 85% of your daily maintenance needs.
  3. Eat at least 75% of your body-weight (in lbs) in grams of protein each day. This takes care of your body’s protein needs. So if you weigh 200 pounds, intake 150 grams of protein daily. (This is especially important if you’re weightlifting because your body needs protein to rebuild and sustain your muscles) If you don’t get enough protein but you take in fewer calories than you need, you will still lose weight but you might also lose some of your muscle or find it harder to stay true to your diet because protein helps you feel full, longer.
  4. Eat at least 40% of your bodyweight (in lbs) in grams of fat each day. Avoid trans and saturated fats (saturated fats are a debated subject but basically just be moderate) because they increase cholesterol and your chance of heart disease. If you don’t care about early onset heart attacks go ahead and eat trans and saturated fat it probably won’t affect you until you are in your 60s. If you don’t eat enough fats you will feel less well than you could and it will affect your chance of staying true to your diet. Healthy sources are almonds, avocados, and other common sense healthy fats.
  5. Get the remainder of your calories from carbs. (Or protein and fats if you prefer) You can eat any type of carb (potato, white bread, white rice) but if you trouble following your caloric goals change to complex carbs like whole-grain rice and bread and sweet potatoes which digest slower and increase your satiation.
  6. Eat some type of vegetables every day.
  7. Drink at least half a gallon of water per day.
  8. Sleep at least 7 hours a day.
  9. Avoid unnecessary stress or if you are stressed try and deal with it through healthy outlets instead of ones which would affect your calorie intake.
  10. Exercise if you have time and you probably have time. Start with cardio and if you can handle it – weightlift.

At the end of the week, if you averaged less than your daily need of calories, you will lose weight (1-2 pounds). This is a healthy weight loss range. Don’t aim to lose more because you will feel like shit and lose muscle. If you want to change how you look fundamentally it will take a year at least. This said, progress should be evident on a scale after a week. You should see bodily progress after a month. If you don’t see weight loss after one week, either you are eating too many calories or your daily maintenance estimation was off. Decrease your caloric intake by 5% for the next week.

TL;DR Eat fewer calories than your body needs and you will lose weight.