Idea for Wieden+Kennedy

Hey Wieden+Kennedy people,

Here’s something to talk about around the complimentary snack bins.

My name’s Matei and I’m definitely not an Art Director. Ya’ll are obviously legendary, so already I wanted to already thank you for your time. Getting someone to swipe up is a copywriter’s dream. If only I can extend this to my Bumble game now.

I have a big idea for the Nike/Converse account to consider. Not to sell this too much, but from my perspective it would be a commercial that marks the shift of an era in our world.

Two Instagram creatives, @deanna_leggett and @blottermedia are both already in if you are. Blotter has created one of the most distinct signature visual styles on Instagram (this video on how to COPY him on YouTube has over 500,000 views) and Deanna is just a dope dancer, (plain and simple because views don’t demarcate art.) But the idea can work with your existing partnerships as well.

I’d love to 1. Tell you the big idea 2. If you don’t like the idea, connect you to both of the influencers anyway because they were kind enough to respond to me emailing them out of the blue about possibly making some really cool ads. 

Can a CD on either account email me for more info if you’re interested?

P.S. This is not a job application stunt, unless you have a secret ad agency in Missouri I can work at