Copywriting support for when you need it. Not when you don’t.

Hi all you copywriting talent mavens out there. While everyone else is busy disrupting the industry, we’re going to make it more efficient instead. I provide remote copywriting to powerhouse agencies on busy weeks as an alternative to bringing a new freelancer in-office.

On weeks like those, agencies have a choice: A) Make full-time copywriters work 65-hour weeks or B) bring in a freelancer. The first option should only be considered if you have a contingency plan in place for pencil-pitchfork occupations of the coffee machine area.

But your other option, hiring a freelancer, comes with its own perils.

If it’s last second, you most likely work through a staffing agency which costs agency and freelancer alike.

If you bring a freelancer in-office, they’re often looking for 40-hour workweeks; you only need a quarter of what their expecting. This mismatch rears its ROI-devouring head with bloated admin & onboarding costs and a general sense of disappointment on both sides. Let’s leave the disappointment for my parents.

Here’s where I come in.

I don’t rely on 40 hours of work from any one agency, so I don’t burn time. In 2 months of remote work for 1000heads, New York—I’ve only had .5 hours of admin and onboarding costs. I write for all kinds of audiences, brands, and projects, from commercial to consumer; iconic to iconic-in-the-eyes-of-their owners; quick-turn to blown-out campaigns.

“Wow this copywriter is showing so much initiative right now” is what you’re thinking right now if I’m lucky. That same initiative brands my work and is why my copy goes out of its way to hit you and your clients’ each and every mark. Including:

  1. World-class digital, social, and e-commerce deliverables tempered by iconic brand experience
  2. Extremely low onboarding & admin costs
  3. A fresh outside perspective and outlook on any project
  4. Exactly the amount of copywriting you need—no more, no less

No other option comes even remotely close. (I had to.)

If you’d like an efficient option on-deck for short-term surges in copywriting workloads, – – email me at
– add me on LinkedIn
– or check out my portfolio of world-class digital work


Rate: $45 an hour for mid-level copywriting

Can’t wait to connect,
Matei Stefanescu

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The reviews are in:

“Overall, fantastic job. This was the first time, after years of doing these, that I really felt like I was reading a mail written for me (as a gamer). I chuckled and smiled all the way through. It was a real treat. I connected with the tone, got the jokes, and had a blast reading it.”Xbox client

J I love your team they help fill the many, many gaps we leave behind us – like explosions that we walk away from without looking back lol.” —our Xbox client’s client

“Matei approaches each brief with commitment, poise, and a singular dedication to delivering groundbreaking creative.” — Senior Copywriter & mentor at Wunderman Seattle

Internally our team loved your writing. We all think you are very creative and your writing has personality.” — Freelance client

“I can’t believe how adept you are at coming up with a party step-by-step from scratch. Seriously. Kudos.” — CD on a freelancer project

“TBD” — you

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