Radical copy for Novus International

Social Media Coordinator Intern, Summer 2015 & Winter 2016

I helped tell the story of a highly-technical and truly global brand on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, employee monitors and even building signage. A highlight of my time at Novus was that my hashtag was utilized in branding their global 25th anniversary, the 25th global anniversary of a billion-dollar company.

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Branding a Global 25th Anniversary for a Billion-Dollar Company

I created brand hashtags that represented the Novus brand like #FeedingTomorrow and #FeedTheFuture. My hashtag inspired Novus’s 25th anniversary theme.


Tone of Voice Guide

Novus International was…international. There was a need to create a unified voice on their social media accounts so I created a Digital Tone of Voice Style Guide that helped shape, streamline and evolve the social media posting process for people on our team, different world areas and future content contractors.

Blog Posts

I created blog posts about several topics. Some of my goals in the blog posts were creating posts that:

Employee Monitors

I made employee communications from coordinating an Intern class hash tag to employee monitor displays.

Building Signage

Novus was having trouble getting people throw away their compost materials into the correct bin, and was getting charged by the compost company. Not anymore because of an initiative I took to rewrite the building’s signage.

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Office Newsletter headlines that contributed to +151% uplift in Skype usage for Microsoft

Radical results:

The Wunderman Office newsletter series created the following engagement growth for Microsoft Office Suite:

  • +30% uplift in Office 365 Monthly Active Users (pre-Wunderman versions of the lifecycle emails only drove +11%)
  • +43% uplift in mobile installs of Office 365 (old emails only drove +4%)
  • +45% uplift in sharing documents with others using Office 365 (old emails only drove +3%)
  • +151% uplift in using Skype minutes with Office 365 (old emails only drove +2%


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